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First Chemo

I had my first chemotherapy on July 17. I was planning to write about the bone and CT scans from the week before, treatment options, and another Pearls Before Swine cartoon, but the chemotherapy hit me so hard that I … Continue reading

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Vulcans Do Lie

I’ve always been interested in Vulcans from the original Star Trek. Mr Spock was my hero, because he was always the one who managed to stay focused on what he was trying to do. McCoy was prone to emotional outbursts, … Continue reading

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Cancer Non-Update

The Zytiga does not appear to be working very effectively. My PSA has continued to rise in spite of the new treatment: 2014-03-18 7.8 2014-04-14 9.4 2014-05-12 10.6 2014-06-01 begin Zytiga 2014-06-23 21.5 If you plot those on a graph, … Continue reading

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