The image above is a photo of a train car that I saw in Montpelier, France. The text of the graffiti is German. It says “Life is what happens to you when you are about the make other plans.” It is evidently a translation of the quote often attributed to John Lennon. The face in the background is part of an advertisement that was so obscured by the graffiti that I do not know what it was for.

I took the picture because I thought it was cool to find something that I could read easily. I read German much better than I read French, and even though I’ve lost a lot of my German vocabulary and grammar over the years, I could read this. On the TGV line from Paris to Montpelier, every bridge support, building, and metal box by the tracks has graffiti on it. I presume it is all in French (being in France), but I mostly can’t make out what it says. In that respect, it very much like the graffiti you would see while riding the Metro in Washington DC, both in style and readability. (Except that I did not see a “Cool Disco Dan” anywhere…) After 2 weeks in France, it was interesting to find something that I could read without great effort.

I chose it for this blog because life happened to me quite intensely, in spite of what I had planned.


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